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March 23, 2014

Carrot Crackers

by 田草川(たくさがわ)かおる

Before I forget to post, I would leave a “memo” of the recipe,,, (Photo coming soon)

This is one of Yumi’s favorite recipe and I used to make it every day… I wonder why I never uploaded the recipe.
(Maybe I was too busy cooking, and so away from blogging)

Anyway, a wholesome crackers full of veggies: Carrots 🙂 

Ingredients (to make 1 baking tray size)

-100g Organic Wholemeal flour
-15g Organic coconut sugar
-30g Cold pressed Oil
-50g Carrot, grated (I do it in a food processor so it is fine) 
-1 pinch salt

Step 1: Mix everything in a large bowl by hand; spread on baking tray. 
Step 2: Press down with hand until it is about 4mm thick, run lines with a knife to make 1cm by 4cm rectangles.
Step 3: Bake in 160C pre heated oven for 20-25 min. Open the oven door and let it cool in the oven. Once cool, break along the line.

Oh, yum yum yum, this is what I will be making this afternoon! 

March 23, 2014

Zucchini Carob Muffin

by 田草川(たくさがわ)かおる

The original recipe was Banana Carob Muffin, but unfortunately bananas don’t last that long in our house until it is ripe enough to cook! So, what’s moist, bland and filling enough to substitute a banana?
Can you guess from the picture?

The answer is ZUCCHINI!
I love it when I can “hide” a veggie in my daughter’s snack 🙂
She loves her Carrot Crackers (a recipe that I must share soon), but that’s because she loves carrots.
She’s not a great fan of green vegetables at the moment, and I hope she can boost up her daily intake by eating these muffins.

Ingredients (to make 24 mini muffins or 12 regular size muffins)

-150g Organic Wholemeal Flour

-50g Organic carob

-1 Tablespoon Aluminum free Baking Powder

-150g zucchini

-200g Organic Soy milk

-80g Organic Agave Syrup

-50g Cold pressed oil (I use rice bran oil)


Step 1: Mix zucchini in food processor for about 1 min, until it is grated into fine bits.
Step 2: Add soy milk, agave syrup and oil and mix for another 30sec.
Step 3: Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Step 4: Pour the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients, fold lightly and pour into muffin tins.
Step 5: Bake in 180C pre heated oven for about 15min (for mini muffins, regular muffins will take about 25  min)

Let it cool in the tin before  you pop the out. I use non-stick muffin tins, but prefer to grease them lightly before I pour the muffin mixture in. It will not rise as much as normal muffins, but this mixture is enough to  fill 24 mini muffin tin to the rim, and you will get fairly good shaped mini muffins as a result.

I think I can reduce the amount of Agave syrup to 50g, but that is up to you and how much you love sweets.

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