Japanese Cooking Class

There are many types of Japanese food taught, from the classic Kaiseki style to Izakaya(Pub) type tapas, but at KK’s Kitchen, I usually teach what Japanese mothers cook at home. Healthy, Easy and Tasty meals to make everyone happy. Also, vegan menus are available to suit people with special diet requests.

Class Schedules for 2012

May 9th/10th:Tofu Steak with vegetable sauce, Vegetables in sesame dressing, Basic miso soup

June 13th/14th:Agedashi-dofu (Deep fried tofu) or Fish with shallot dressing, Steamed veggies with ginger and garlic, Carrot salad

July 4th/5th:Nibuta(Slow cooked pork, can be made with vegan ingredient),Non-fried crispy potatoes, Daikon salad

August 29th/30th:Tofu-burger, Warm tomato salad, Steamed veggies with low-fat sauce

Schedule and Menu after August will be announced around June. You can book a private lesson for a group of more than 3 people, please give me an e-mail.

Menus will change every month, but for private lessons, you can combine menus of your preference.

Being a mum, I know how difficult it is to do things when you have little ones at home. You are welcome to come with your baby/toddler and take a lesson in the same room with your child; as it is not a childcare facility, please look after your own child.

Time: 10:30-13:00

(This includes sit-down lunch time with drink and desserts provided by KK)

Place: Private home in North Shore (Address given at time of enquiry)

Cost: $50 per person (Includes ingredients, recipe to take home, sit down lunch)

Class size: 2-4 people

What to bring: Apron

For bookings and further enquiries: Please e-mail me at takusagawa.kaoru(at)gmail.com Please change the (at) to @ when sending your mail.

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