Egg cooker (Tamago-yaki-ki)

by KK

Hi this is KK, Sushi Artist / Healthy Muffin Maker / Mum 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog.

When I visit my Indian friends, they have a frying pan for cooking rotis. My Chinese friends would have a steamer, and some of my Korean friends have those stone bowls for serving Bibimbap.

20120516-151032.jpg So, when you visit a Japanese household, what can you find?

A sukiyaki-pan?

A tempura deep frying pan?

A mortar and pestle (Suri-bachi)?

I am not sure, but as a Japanese who loves to cook, I try to be a minimalist and try not to own too many things.

This was something I debated till the last minute and DIDN’T PACK in my original moving boxes. However, I went back to Japan and bought it last Christmas.

It is a frying pan for cooking eggs, and you can make it nice and square!

YES, you can make this with a normal frying pan (you do need some techniques).

YES, it is only used to cook eggs (you can stir fry other things, but I want to damage the surface as little as possible, so at the moment it is only used for cooking eggs).

YES, maybe I should have given it a second thought, but I did buy it, brought it (on an airplane!) and I AM HAPPY, so that’s good.

And guess who else is happy?

YUMI! She loves my eggs so much that she can’t stop eating it and asks for more.

To learn how to cook YUMMY ROLLED EGGS, come to my Sushi Art class, and you will learn the secret!

Wednesday classes are full, but there are seats available for 24th (Thur). Hope to see you soon!


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