Pickled Ginger for Sushi

by KK

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Seeing that sushi is so popular is Sydney right now, I’ve received some requests to share a recipe for pickled ginger! You know, the one that sometimes comes on the corner of your sushi box. The pale pink or sometimes yellowish one.

Unfortunately some of them sold at the store use artificial coloring to make it pink. In Japan, we have “red” pickled ginger (BENI-SHOGA, BENI means read and SHOGA means ginger) too! There are usually served with YAKISOBA (stir fried noodles) or OKONOMIYAKI (Japanese savory pancakes).


I always remove it before eating (hahaha), but ever since I found this recipe, I make pickled ginger myself!

You can only make this when you have a “young” ginger with very thin skin. It is in season right now and I bought some at the market!

When you see this type of ginger, try making it! It can be preserved in a sterilized jar for quite a long time so I make about 500g and enjoy it through the year.


-500g Young Ginger

-400ml (1 +2/3 cup) Vinegar (I recommend apple vinegar)

-1/4 cup Organic raw sugar

-1 teaspoon salt

How to make

Step 1: Slice the ginger very thinly, sprinkle some salt (not included in ingredient) ; boil water in a large pot and bring to boil, cook the ginger in boiling water for 2-3 min, drain and cool

Step 2: Pour vinegar, sugar and salt in a saucepan and bring to boil, cook until the sugar and salt has dissolved

Step 3: In a sterilized jar, put the ginger and vinegar liquid and let it stand overnight before eating.

The flavor does not change that much, and I like it when it has been marinated for few days. You can eat this as is or chop it and mix it with rice to make instant sushi rice! ENJOY 🙂

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