Chickepea and Potato Croquette

by KK

Hi this is KK, Sushi Artist / Healthy Muffin Maker / Mum 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog.


Croquette is a very popular food in Japan, I think. It is sold at deli corner in a supermarket and as a teenager, I used to sometimes buy it form a butcher on my way home from school, and eat it like kids here eat chips. Oh, maybe it’s similar to fish and chips, in a way that its fried and considered a handy snack. Although my mum did serve croquette as a dinner…


Anyways, it’s nice and filling and you can use a lot of leftover veggies in it, so it’s good 🙂


Today, I made one using leftover chickpea remains from chickpea tofu.

The result looks like this!

Ingredients (to make 12 size croquettes: an adult would eat 3-4 of them)

-3 potatoes

-2 cup chickpea remains (can be omitted)

-1 small onion, chopped

-1/4 zucchini chopped

-1 clove garlic, chopped

-1 teaspoon cumin seed (if using powder, add directly into the mashed potatoes)

-salt, pepper, soy sauce

-plain flour, bread crumbs


To make

Step 1: Steam or Boil potatoes and mash them in a large bowl; in a frying pan, heat olive oil and stir fry cumin seed for 2 min, add onion and cook 2min, add zucchini and chickpea remains


Step 2: Mix in the cooked vegetables into potatoes (if using cumin powder, add now), add salt and soy sauce to season


Step 3: Form flat rounds and rest in fridge for at least 30min; before serving, cover with flour, dip in water, cover with breadcrumbs and deep fry on 180-190 degrees for 5min or until golden


NOTE: The key to success is resting the croquette in the fridge before frying. Since everything is already precooked, you don’t have to fry it for a long time, just until the crust get crisp.


I dip my croquette in water before the breadcrumbs. Some people use egg, but by using water, I can serve it to my vegan friends, and also,  you will get thinner crust making it more crispy.

You can freeze this after Step2 or even after putting on the crumbs. Frozen croquettes require more technique to fry them, set the temperature a bit lower to 170-180 C, and put them in while frozen! Don’t fry many at a time, only so that it cover 1/3 of the surface of the oil. When it is thawed before frying, it may burst to BE REALLY CAREFUL!


It’s all seasoned so you can eat it as is, or squeeze some lemon to add more flavor. I put melting cheese in half of it, so it was like a treasure hunt at dinner. My 17 month daughter loved it too, asking for more after eating 2!




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