30 min Dinner : Chicken Teriyaki, Daikon and Carrot salad with Miso dressing

by KK

Hi this is KK, Sushi Artist /  Healthy Muffin Maker / Mum 🙂

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Chicken Teriyaki is loved by everyone! I was quite surprised to find Teriyaki sauce sold at supermarkets in a bottle. Since when did they become so internationally famous?

There are so many different ways to make this, using thigh fillets, breasts, drumsticks, having skin on or off, using mirin or sugar or honey. The combination is endless, but today, I will introduce what I make at home that my family loves.


I’ve added some eggplants to it, turned out really nice. Since the teriyaki is sweet and quite filling, I made a simple salad to go with it, and this day, dinner was served with rice and miso soup(potato and wakame-seaweed), and some left over veggies. Not bad for a 30min dinner? I hope you find it easy and tasty too!


Chicken Teriyaki (for 2 people)

-300 Chicken Thigh fillets with skin

-1 Tablespoon Organic raw sugar

-2 Tablespoon Soy sauce

-2 Tabespoon Sake (cooking rice wine)

-Eggplants (optional)


To cook;

Step 1: Cut the meat into bite size, remove excess fat but leave the skin on, marinate in sauce mixture(sugar, soy sauce, sake) for 10min

Step 2: On a non-stick frying pan, grill meat from skin first; remove fat coming out of the meat using paper towel (I used about 5-6 sheets, that’s how much fat will come out); when the skin gets crispy, turn over the meat and add vegetables

Step 3: When the vegetables are cooked, add sauce mixture remaining in the bowl, put on lid and cook on low for 5-8min.

Serve and enjoy! If there are lots of sauce remaining in the frying pan, you can add cornflour(1 Tablespoon diluted in 1 Tablespoon water) and make a thick sauce to cover your meat and veggies. Instead of eggplants, you can add onions, cabbage or anything that goes well with this sweet flavor. I think this recipe is good because you can make it without mirin! If the sauce is too sweet, change the sugar into maple syrup, I prefer it this way but my husband said he prefers raw sugar. Oh well 🙂



To make the salad, I just peeled daikon radish and carrots using a vegetable peeler, sprinkled some salt on it and let the water seep out. The dressing was really good, so I will leave it for my own future reference 🙂


-1 teaspoon Oranic tahini

-1 teaspoon  Mayonnaise

-2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

-1/2 teaspoon organic raw sugar

-Sesame to sprinkle on top


This is so similar to the sesame dressing I used to buy in Japan! It goes well with most vegetables, and makes your salad rich with flavor and minerals(from the sesame!).


I hope you enjoy it!



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