Cucumber and Wakame seaweed with a Vinegar Dressing

by KK

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One of the reason why Japanese food are considered healthy is we consume a lot of vinegar. Instead of eating salad, which usually requires oil in the dressing, Japanese people eat “Su-no-mono” , which means “Vineger things”.

The traditional vinegar dressing used in the dish is called “Sanbai-Su” which means “3 Tablespoon Vinegar”. It is mixing Soy sauce and Mirin and Vinegar together. The ratio is 1:1:1, and when mixing only Soy sauce and Vinegar, it is called “Nihai-Su”, meaning “2 Tablespoon Vinegar)




The combination here was using

-1/2 Lebanese Cucumber

-2 Tablespoon Wakame seaweed soaked in water

-1/2 cob Corn, precooked


For the dressing, I used

-2 teaspoon Soy sauce

-2 teaspoon Mirin

-2 teaspoon Sake

This was enough to mix with the ingredients. You can add Tuna for more volume (use one in water and not in oil), or add things like carrots, white horseradish, or even celery. As usual, remember to cut the vegetables into thin slices/strips but not too thin as you don’t want them too soggy.

Something like this is good when you are eating soy saucey + sweet food like Sukiyaki or Niku-jaga (Beef and potato), because it helps to refreshen your mouth. So simple (made in 3 min) yet the color of yellow from the corn adds colors to your table too!


Enjoy 🙂



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