Agedashi Tofu

by KK

Hi, this is KK, Sushi Artist/ Healthy Muffin Maker/ Mum 🙂

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Today’s recipe is Agedashi Tofu (Deep fried tofu).


This seems to be one of the favorite dish for many Aussie friends.

It’s served at many Japanese restaurants in Sydney, and I find it interesting that it is popular here, because we don’t make it everyday at home in Japan.

It only uses 3 ingredients, Tofu, Potato Starch and Oil for deep frying, plus seasoning for the sauce. Very simple to make, but that’s why you need that special “trick” to make it really nice.

Here’s how to do it:

For 4~6 serving (It will make 8 pieces)

400g Silk Tofu

Potato Starch

Oil for deep frying

For the sauce

10cm square Konbu

1cup water

4 Tablespoon Soysauce

4 Tablespoon Sake

1-2 Tablespoon Organic raw sugar

Ginger/Shallots/ Daikon are opitional as toppings

How to make

Step 1: Cut tofu into 3-4cm square; I usually cut it half thickness, then into 4 pieces. You can get about 8 pieces from 400g tofu. Put this on a paper towel and let the excess water seep out.

Step 2: While waiting for the tofu, you can prepare the sauce. Put konbu and water in a saucepan and bring to boil. Take the konbu out, add soysauce, sake and sugar. Let it simmer on low heat and continue to cook until the liquid becomes about half amount.

Step 3: Cover the tofu with potato starch on  all surfaces. Deep fry on low temperature (about 160 C) until the outside becomes golden. Drain excess oil and serve with sauce and toppings.


You can make this with Momen-Tofu, which is firmer but I prefer Silk tofu because of its texture. If you don’t have the time to make the sauce, just have it with soysauce and lemon. I put some grated Daikon in my sauce so I can enjoy more sauce with the tofu.




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