Why I cook

by KK

I cook because I love to, it’s so fun and stimulating for me.

For some people, it may be considered as a chore,

something you want others to do for you,

but for me, being in the kitchen brings joy and pleasure.


The oldest memory of cooking for me is when I was three.

I still remember how I was so proud to chop some carrots for my mother,

using a REAL knife!


Since that day, I have cooked for my families and friends,

made wedding cakes, done catering parties,

made 100 obento (Japanese style lunch box) for picnics,

and a lot of other things that  other people would say,

“Why did you do that!?”

in a shocked voice:-)

The answer is quite simple.

Because I love it.



These days, I cook to make my family happy.

Especially my daughter, Yumi.

Looking at this smile, I can put on an apron and stand in the kitchen,

baking a batch of muffin for her breakfast any morning.



3 Comments to “Why I cook”

  1. Yumi is soooo sweet look at that smile!

    • Thank you, she is the best taste tester, because what ever she likes, she will shove it in her mouth, if she doesn’t like it she will spit it out! (^-^)
      So far, the Rock Cake and Zucchini burger seems to be her favorite!

      • wow! You have been blessed really! Isn’t the best part of being a mom imagining your child’s potential. She could be on a gerber label though she is so cute! I see my own baby in her. And you are so smart to introduce her to many different tastes so that she knows what she likes!

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